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Winners of the Gaede prize 1986 - 2022

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"The award of the GAEDE prize was a great pleasure and honor for me. The prize has boosted my scientific career in two ways, as a visible sign of community recognition and as a stimulus to further scientific activity. And the prize money has also contributed to joy in my family. High commitment in the profession can even be for the benefit of the family."

Eberhard Umbach

About Prof. Umbach:

  • 2006-2008 President of the German Physical Society
  • 2007 - 2013 President of the KIT
2022 Philip Willke For his outstanding experimental work on the study of single electron and nuclear spins by means of electron spin resonance on single atoms on surfaces
2021 Richard Wilhelm In recognition of his outstanding work on ion-surface interactions especially in two-dimensional materials.
2020 Takashi Kumagai For his groundbreaking and outstanding research work on the dynamics of hydrogen bridge bonds at the level of single molecules.
2019 Selina Olthof For her outstanding work on the interfacial properties of organic semiconductors and semiconducting perovskites using photoelectron emission spectroscopy.
2018 Gareth S. Parkinson For his excellent experimental work on iron oxide surfaces as model systems for single atom catalysis  
2017 Guillaume Schull Controlled single-molecule contacts
Light emission from atomic contacts
Light emission from molecular junction
2016 Julia Stähler Ultra-short-term dynamics on surfaces and in solids  
2015 Wilhelm Auwärter Pioneering work to understand the properties of porphyrin species  
2014 Yuriy S. Dedkov Structure and properties of graphene on metal surfaces  
2013 Kirsten von Bergmann Direct observation and detailed analysis of complex spin structures on an atomic scale using spin-polarized scanning tunneling microscopy  
2012 Mato Knez Material design by atomic layer deposition  
2011 Philip Hofmann Two-dimensional electron gases with strong spin-orbit-splitting  
2010 Stefan Linden Photonic metamaterials  
2009 Jürgen Faßbender Ion-induced modification of magnetic layers  
2008 Stefan Mayr Self-organized nanostructures  
2007 Armin Dadgar GaN on silicon  
2006 Stefan Heinze Spinpolarized scanning tunneling microscopy  
2005 Michael Bauer Photoelectron spectroscopy  
2004 Dirk Sander    
2002 Christian Teichert    
2001 Jörg-Thomas Zettler    
2000 Thomas Michely    
1999 Udo D. Schwarz    
1998 Andreas Waag    
1997 Hilde Hardtdegen    
1996 Markus Biebl    
1995 Matthias Wuttig    
1994 Günter Reiss    
1993 Harald Heinecke    
1992 Roland Wiesendanger    
1991 Gerd Schönhense    
1990 Herbert M. Urbassek    
1989 Eberhard Umbach    
1988 Ernst Bauer &Wolfgang Telieps    
1986 Jürgen Kirschner    

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